Innovative Infusion Pump Solutions

TurnPoint’s BreezeTM Infusion Pump platform will deliver a host of innovations designed to address critical clinical and user needs.  With strong input from nursing and pharmacy leaders, the Breeze pump will provide much sought after solutions to many of the historic product problems in the IV infusion pump market.   TurnPoint employs a straightforward product development strategy: to identify long-existing problems, use innovative hardware and software product design to address these needs, and then deliver highly differentiated solutions.  It is TurnPoint’s mission to have the Breeze platform of products better enable the safe and effective delivery of IV therapy while improving the cost of care.  The Breeze pump will offer unparalleled simplicity, intuitive operation and durability that will help deliver on this mission.   

The combined expertise of our management team, Board of Directors and business partners, represents years of success in finance, development, manufacturing, commercialization, distribution, sales and support in the medical device and diagnostic markets. Our clinical partnerships enable a care provider and patient care focus for the products we deliver

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