What happens when you rethink everything about what an infusion pump could and should do?

The new Breeze™ infusion pump represents an entirely new design platform for an infusion pump in which safety, performance, reliability, durability, usability and cost-of-ownership are all dramatically improved beyond the typical historic customer experience with market-leading infusion devices.


The Breeze infusion pump design completely departs from the conventional and complex, electro-mechanical, tube-depressing approach for fluid delivery. Breeze does not use peristaltic, or roller type mechanisms to move fluid.  The Breeze pump instead uses a novel self-aware and self-calibrating pneumatic, fluid drive design that eliminates the need for complicated door assemblies, complex tube-loading procedures, clamps, exposed moving parts and other sensitive external sensors

Breeze will also offer a number of other important innovations such as:

  • One-step, turn-and-click disposable set installation & removal.
  • Proprietary active air elimination capability. Virtually eliminates air in line and related alarms.   Eliminates the need to pre-evacuate air from fluid containers. Enables position independence of fluid source and pump. Enables automatic, closed-system priming.
  • Unique power management approach which includes preemptive battery alerts, break-away magnetic power coupler and low power consumption, enabling extended battery operation.
  • Smooth and fluid-resistant design enables cleaning and disinfection of the device in a matter of seconds.

The Breeze pump was purposefully designed from the ground-up to meet and/or exceed new FDA safety and performance standards for infusion pumps. It is expected to be cleared by the FDA for sale in 2020, and to set all new customer expectations for what an infusion pump can and should be.

The Breeze infusion pump system is a development stage device. It has not received clearance from any regulatory body and is not available for sale at this time.

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